‘Mrs Echidna's Dilemma' ticks all the boxes for an integrated approach to early childhood literacy.

  • Literacy is integrated into animal science.
  • The repetition in the fiction story (narrative text) engages the early reader.
  • Additional information (reporting genre) on the opposing page extends the child's interest in the unique Australian fauna.
  • Patterns are supplied (procedural text) for finger puppets to encourage oral language development, and engagement in the story.
  • A DVD is included, to encourage aural skills and for children to ‘read along’, or interact with the puppets while listening.
  • Embossing on the embroidery illustrations brings to life the tactile nature of the original art work.
  • Suitable for children’s differentiated learning styles; fiction and information texts; sensory effect of 3D illustrations; DVD; bodily kinaesthetic approach with puppets.

But wait! There’s more.... The story itself is based on companion quilts made by the author, Betty Johnston. The needlework techniques employed will be of interest to quilters and embroiderers alike. The patterns included in the book will enable educators, parents and grandparents to encourage sewing skills with the next generation.

I have made literally dozens of resources for use in the early childcare setting. Just contact me and ask about patterns for some of these. They include:

  • Puppets and stories based on counting to 3
    • `The Three Pigs` - the cloth book opens out into a diorama of four scenes; finger puppets of the three pigs; hand puppet of the wolf. I also have patterns for 3D pigs, for more realism. The book folds up for easy storage.
    • ‘The Three Bears' - another cloth book which opens out into a diorama of four scenes. This set includes the patterns for the 3 bears and goldilocks. The chair ‘breaks' when Goldilocks sits on it; the bed has a miniature quilt she sleeps under! This pattern is currently under construction
  • Puppets for songs based on counting to 5
    • ‘Five Cheeky Monkeys swinging in a Tree' is the all-time favourite with children. The patterns include a glove ‘tree' with press studs where the 5 monkeys are attached; the patterns for the monkeys (made in a variety of colours for integrated multiculturalism) and the hand puppet crocodile.
  • Finger Puppets for 'open ended' play:
    • Macca's Farm' has a selection of finger puppets of farm animals, and includes 3 different types of dogs! As a bonus, it also included a hand-puppet 'hen' for all those stories where the main character is a hen.
    • 'Nativity Finger Puppets' bring the Christmas story to life.  Suggestions are given for varying the characters' appearances.

If you want patterns for puppets for any special story, I can design that for you too... I have done several for well known children's stories. Just ask!


3 Pigs story set

Nativity story puppets

5 Cheeky Monkeys story set


Macca's Farm set - includes hand puppet 'hen'.

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