Feb 1, 2017

Mrs Echidna Masters Maths

What does Mrs Echidna's Dilemma have to do with Maths?  An enterprising teacher linked the cross-stitch illustrations in the narrative text of the book to the maths unit on reading and understanding graphs.
The Year 4 students were challenged to design their initial (monogram) on graph paper (about 16 'units' high) and then add a small picture to represent an interest of theirs - sport, music, a logo, or a character. They loved it! Each student found a pixelated design on their iPad, and graphed that onto their monogram.  (I explained that cross stitch designs are pixellated, but then worked by hand onto the plastic grid.)  

It was so rewarding to have students (both boys and girls) 'hanging out' with me in the school library, eager to complete their stitching in their 'spare' time in the school breaks.


As you can see from the photo above, the interpretations were many and varied.  Half of those designs were created by boys in the class... and some of their interpretations of the task were most unexpected!  All students completed their stitcheries to a high level.

The students were encouraged to do the background in 'tent stitch' (which is the traditional 'tapestry' stitch') to save time.  A few stidemts enjoyed it so much, they added 'cross stitching kits' to their Christmas gift list!

Most of the students had never held a needle and thread before!  LOVED the thank-you card from one of the students:




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