The Author

The Author


My name is Betty Johnston, and I'm still not certain what I'll be when I grow up. Over the years, I have studied zoology, theology, pedagogy, disabilities and endless government policies and practices. I have worked as a High School teacher (subject areas: Home Economics and Science); in sales; as an activities officer in a facility for young people with acquired brain injury; and in the public service, examining and registering documents.

Throw into the mix raising four children and welcoming three grandchildren, while actively supporting my husband, who has been a full-time pastor for more than 20 years. In this role you'll find me fending phone calls; preparing for and hosting events; offering a listening ear; delivering an occasional Sunday message...and anything in between. Life at my place is never dull.

My philosophy in life is ‘learn something new every year' and this has led to my experimenting with many different crafts as well as textile arts. Creativity is my outlet, whether it is serving a beautifully presented meal, designing and making some finger puppets or writing a short article for publication.

With the release of ‘Mrs Echidna's Dilemma' life has changed! I retired from the paid work-force, but not from life. Now I have the privilege of sharing my book, my enthusiasm for textile arts, my passion for literacy in its myriad forms, and love of our unique Australian fauna with people of all ages... from toddlers in child care centres, to school children [P-7] and even uni students, as well as embroidery and quilting groups in south east Queensland.

I live on the northern outskirts of Brisbane, Queensland.  If you would like me to visit your centre, school or craft group, just contact me on my website for more details.



Betty and her husband
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