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Nov 7, 2014

Sandy Straits State School

How exciting it is to visit a school where the children have been preparing for the visit by reading the book and doing many activities around the topic of our wonderful Australian animals.  The Preppies at SSSS were amazing - so interested in the story, the singing, the puppets, and all the other stuff that happens in the program.

I loved the way the teacher read them ONE page of the story each day, and discussed what each animal had done to keep their baby safe.  Before they actually read the page where Mrs Echidna lay her egg, they were asked to guess where she would keep her egg - and to draw a picture.  Here are some answers....

This was just part of the 'bush' theme in the classroom.  The children also made their own echidnas out of clay in preparation for the visit, and set them into their 'bush' environment.

They so enjoyed the story telling, and the singing!  Here they are with their made--up song about a kangaroo.  The class had also prepared by writing their own song about Aussie animals, and they sang it to me.  How I wished I'd had a recording of it!

The children were such good listeners as I read the story to them.  Their response was rewarded by the school principal's choice to purchase multiple copies for thier school library.

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