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News & Events

May 28, 2014

Year 3 Workshops

A combination of science, literacy and art - with some craft, music and even a display of 'real' echidnas -and the year 3 students at a Brisbane school had an unforgettable workshop experience!

The school librarians arranged displays of echidnas from the Queensland Museum to stimulate the students' interest in echidnas.  The puggle (baby echidna, left) was of particular interest.  The students are learning about classifying animals by identifying characteristics (National Science Curriculum Year 3).  While it may be difficult for them to recognise the adult echidna as a mammal, the fur on the baby puggle was so obvious, it really clarified this for them.


Seeing these 'real' echidnas really set the scene for the students, as the story unfolded, and they learned more about the echidnas and other Aussie animals as the session progressed.

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