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News & Events

Jun 26, 2013

Book Week 2013

With Book Week fast approaching, 'Mrs Echidna' is visiting a number of schools in the area.  As 'Book Week' is celebrated at different times during Third Term, a number of schools are receiving a visit.

31st July: The Year 3 curriculum for Term 3 includes 'writing and illustrating a story book'.  Each year, a large private school at Bray Park includes a visit from 'Mrs Echidna' to extend their understanding of how books are written and illustrated.  The children have already examined the book prior to the sessions, and use it as a springboard into further discussions.

August 21 & 23: Students from P to year 3 at a large private school in Strathpine will be the focus for a visit with 'Mrs Echidna'.  The program presented varies with the age group of the children.

22nd August: 'Book Week' celebrations in many schools include writing competitions.  What a great way to encourage budding young authors!  Betty will be presenting Book Week Awards to students at Caboolture East State School.

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