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News & Events

Jun 4, 2010

Book Launch

At last! The launch was on Saturday 5th June at the Narangba Library, with about 75 people celebrating with Betty.

What an exciting day it was! We had friends and rellies from near and far; teachers and librarians; our local pollie, members of the RADF committee, quilters, some fellow commuters who had watched me stitching over the years of travel together ... and others I couldn't recognise!

I appreciated the words of encouragement from Mark Ryan, our local MP; Jan [below, right]' representing the RADF selection committee, who remembers my first tentative approach: 'Do you think this is suitable...?' and of course Lorraine Vassallo who tutors in reading and writing in the early years at the University of the Sunshine Coast, who introduced me. Particular thanks to district librarian Lisa Bateman [below, left]who did all the organisation, and the Moreton Bay Regional Council, which sponsored the event.

The books are selling like hot cakes... the original print was only 1,000 books, and over 25% of those were sold before we even had the launch!

But really, it's all about encouraging our young children to read, and to love our Aussie fauna and flora. Here's a photo of a two-year old on the day, exploring the wonders of the printed page. The tactile nature of the illustrations are just so perfect for little people!


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