Aug 25, 2011

Visit to University of Sunshine Coast

Mrs Echidna has been to Uni!  Betty sharied her very successful school programs with pre-service teachers studying 'Teaching Reading and Writing' this semester at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

It seems Mrs Echidna is a fast learner!  In 2004 she first emerged in 'Junior Kindy' at a child care centre, as finger puppets to foster an interest in Australian animals among young Aussies.  Somehow she morphed into a quilt, and then a book, and now she is attending University!

Her creator Betty Johnston, spoke at a lecture at the university on 13th September 2011, demonstrating to the undergraduates the way the book 'Mrs Echidna's Dilemma' may be used in multi-modal applications in teaching literacy.  The students embraced the book, the concepts presented, and the additional resources Betty has created for teaching literacy to young children.

The lecturer then introduced Betty to the University Bookshop convenors, so they could carry the book for the benefit of the students.

Here's the link to the university's report on the visit.


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