Aug 15, 2011

Granite Belt Visit in August

Betty visited the Granite Belt (the area around Stanthorpe, Queensland) attending the Glen Aplin CWA Quilt Show on August 12-14. 

Many of the scenes in the book are inspired by the beautiful Granite Belt area of South East Queensland, where Betty lived for 20 years.  It was a real joy to return there, for the Quilt Show being organised by the Glen Aplin CWA.  The variety and quality of the quilts on display was amazing - there are some very talented quilters in the country areas!

Betty was able to show her quilts, educational resources and embroidery patterns to those visiting the quilt show.  As well, she demonstrated various embroidery techniques to those who made enquiries.  Photo Above: the finer points of creating those long bullions!

Photo Above: Sharing the book with a visitor - quilts in the background.  Photo Below: Ben and Emily engrossed in the '3Pigs Diorama' - one of the patterns available for sale.




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