Jun 9, 2011

Three-day visit to Toowoomba schools

Betty spent three days in Toowoomba (June 7-9), sharing 'Mrs Echidna's Dilemma' with more than 300 students during 10 sessions in 7 schools over 3 days!

The host teachers were the ESL [English as a Second Language] department of that region.  The school program that Betty presents with the book was adapted to suit children who are still adjusting to our language and culture. The grade levels varied from P-3, plus a Grade 6-7 class.

What a great way for the students to find out more about their adopted country - learning about our unique Aussie animals!  They really enjoyed the finger puppets, and making up their own songs about the various animals.

Teachers always comment to me afterwards how much they learned about the echidna (and other animals) from these sessions!  It's rewarding to see schools choosing to have the book in their school libraries as a resource for both staff and students.

I just loved it when one little girl, who had participated enthusiastically in the program, came up to me afterwards and said 'but we didn't do any "English"!' I assured her that it was ALL 'English' but that she had had so much fun, she didn't notice!

Here's a card from the Grade 6-7 class.  I love the way they call me 'Mrs Echidna'!

The 'Toowoomba Chronicle' [and indeed, the local WIN TV news!] reported the visit.  Here is a cutting from the Toowoomba paper.



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