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Jul 10, 2010

Puggle Post

Read the book review on 'Mrs Echidna's Dilemma' in the July 2010 edition of 'Puggle Post' - the online magazine devoted to Echidna research and care.

The 'Puggle Post' is the educational eZine on Echidna Care, sponsored by one of Australia's top echidna experts field scientist Dr Peggy Rismiller, from South Australia.

Dr Peggy Rismiller has researched echidnas for more than 20 years. This magazine is designed to share that researched information with the lay person, and to encourage the next generation in a love and appreciation for our unique Aussie fauna.

The July 2010 contains a review of Mrs Echidna's Dilemma. Click on the link and read it for yourself! I'm sure you will want to go back and read past issues of the 'Puggle News' as well, and learn more about this fascinating monotreme.

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