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      Date: Nov  7, 2014
     Title: 'Be Creative' retreat at Dakabin
A routine book purchase from my website had an unexpected ending.  Jan had purchased the book for her overseas grandchild.  However, when she saw the return address, she realised that the author lived just north of Brisbane.  As co-ordinator of a SEQ 'Be Creative' retreat at Dakabin , Jan asked if I could visit them and show them the original quilts.  Who can resist an invitation like that?  Dakabin is about 10 minutes from where I live!

The 'Be Creative' weekend retreat had about 110 attendees, all of whom were being incredibly creative, being tutored in felting, embroidery, pastels, acrylics, watercolours, and many different styles of patchwork and quilting.  What a hive of industry!  I'd have loved to have been one of them!

At lunch time, I was able to share with them how the quilts, and then the book, came to be created.  Many of the attendees were teachers, and really appreciated the many early childhood resources I had available.