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      Date: Oct 22, 2012
     Title: Feedback from Schools
It's great to get feedback from teachers, showing how they have used 'Mrs Echidna's Dilemma' in literacy classes, and used it to extend the children's interests in other areas.  Many schools were visited during 'Bookweek' - and now some have sent photos of the children's work after the visit.

Here are some photos of the childrens work:

From left to right:

1. (red frame) the children analysed the story

2. (yellow, blue, orange, purple and red frames) they looked at the different characters.  Note the 'paper bag[ echidna puppet one child made (template available from author) and the 'paddle pop stick[' puppets the children made using the patterns in the book - these were used in re-telling the story in class time (and to the Prep classes in another exercise)

3. Research on the echidna - all the facts were found in the 'information' pages of the book.

4.  From this, the children then went on to 'deconstruct' other well known fairy tales before writing and illustrating their own 'fractured fairy tales'.

Above: A closer look at their analysis of the book and characters

Below:  Character attributes of the BlueTongued Lizard... checking their comprehension of the story.

Below:  A child researched echidna facts after a visit to Australia Zoo, using the 'information' pages of the book.  His Mum took the photos at the zoo!